Please return items in the same condition as you received them, clean, unused, with all labels attached, neatly folded in the plastic bag and packed in the shipping packaging. You can expect to have money returned within 14 days after receipt at our warehouse, unless you have used a payment card with special conditions for repayments.



Return label is not included in your parcel. You carry the responsibility for buying and printing a return label, and you carry any costs related to returning the parcel. You can send items back to the following address:

Brands of Scandinavia c/o Prime Cargo
Profilvej 4
6000 Kolding



In the event of defects in an item, we ask you to contact our customer service before returning the item at tel.: +45 3939 0200 or email:



  1. Fill out the return form including the order number, your email address, item style number and the returns code that best applies.
  2. Replace the item in the shipping packaging in which you received it and enclose the returns form. Seal the package.
  3. Attach your return label to the package. Deliver the package to a GLS package shop (or an alternative package shop for the Netherlands) and remember to request a receipt.




    1. The item is too small
    2. The item is too large
    3. Defect(s) in an item (contact our customer service before returning the item at tel.: +45 3939 0235 or email:
    4. Delayed delivery, regret purchase or similar
    5. Incorrect delivery
    6. Item does not resemble images
    7. Quality not as expected
    8. The item was ordered in multiple sizes
    9. The fit was not as expected