The blouses from COPENHAGEN MUSE are designed for the fashion-forward women who appreciate Scandinavian minimalism combined with extraordinary and innovative details. Bring edge, creativity and exclusivity to your look for an added sense of confidence and boldness.


In our collections of blouses, you will find a large selection of blouses designed to be timeless and reinvented season after season. The selection of COPENHAGEN MUSE blouses is intended for the woman who does not allow herself to be dictated by fast trends and tendencies, but rests in her own look and personal aesthetics.

We focus on designing long-lasting items that can be reused year after year. For us, long-lasting items are about timeless designs, and choosing materials that live up to our high quality standards. COPENHAGEN MUSE blouses are available in materials, such as recycled polyester and organic cotton. Combining comfort, quality materials and aesthetics.

COPENHAGEN MUSE items are designed by Creative Director, Charlotte Nybo Jacobsen, and her talented team who ensures that all designs meet the high standards for skillful craftsmanship and well-constructed fits. Every little detail is taken into consideration.



With a COPENHAGEN MUSE blouse, there are many styling options. Our blouses can act as both statement items or subtle additions to your look. You will find solid coloured blouses that can be a natural extension of your outfit, or blouses with patterns and innovative details that surprise, challenge the norms and pique curiosity.

Try pairing a long-sleeved blouse with a pair of classic suit pants and a pair of sneakers, or combine a short-sleeved blouse with a strappy dress for an exclusive layer-on-layer statement. There are many ways to express yourself with COPENHAGEN MUSE.

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